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Museum Introduction


1.    The primary responsibility of Coi Nguon museum is to researching and making short- or long-term plans for the activities of the museum, to organize and carry out the projects offered by the jurisdictional offices.

2.    The museum itself is responsible for managing, using properties and also for its own budget to function.

3.    Researching,  training  and offering opportunities for employees to improve their skills, their knowledge in other fields of science in order to respond to the demands of various activities and of the future development of the museum

4.    Providing good conditions for visitors to exploit, to do research on those items or materials belonging or relating to the museum for their own purposes

5.    Providing a good comfortable environment for those who come to visit: protect the security in the museum and assure the safety of lives of visitors

6.    Arranging and organizing meetings and conferences among people, companies, organizations to exchange knowledge, to increase the levels, the specialities and to improve the service work.

7.    Arranging and applying several approaches to inform, to propagate information which is suitable for researching, training and exhibiting activities of the museum

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